Bougie 16" Beaker #19Y06

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Introducing our stunning Bougie Glass Beaker! Elevate your smoking experience with this magnificent piece of art. Standing tall at 16", its sleek design is complemented by a big diffused perc stem, ensuring smooth and satisfying hits every time. The 18mm joint size guarantees compatibility with your favorite accessories. Its dented ice pinchers allow you to chill your hits to perfection, while the 18mm bowl provides ample space for your preferred herbs. Crafted with durable 7mm thick glass, this beaker is built to last. Upgrade your collection and enjoy a truly luxurious smoking session today!


  • Height: 16"
  • Base Diameter: 125mm
  • Diffused Perc Stem
  • Joint Size: 18mm
  • Bowl Size: 18mm
  • 7mm Glass Thickness

Customer Reviews

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Best Bong Ive ever Owned. Buy it!

First off, it really is the best bong I have ever owned. My preferred method of smoking over 30 years plus, Bougie Glass rules! Bye bye, Zob. Hello Bougie!! Great designs, great product, smoothest hitting bong, Im hooked!!